A member entitled to all rights and privileges and subject to all obligations which membership in a Lions Club confers.  Without limiting such rights and obligations, such rights shall include eligibility to seek, if otherwise qualified, any office in the Club, District or Association, and the right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership.  Such obligations shall include regular attendance, prompt payment of dues, participation in club activities and conduct reflecting a favorable image of the Lions Club in the community.


Life Member

Any member of the Club who has maintained Active Membership as a Lion for twenty (20) or more years and has rendered outstanding service to the Club, the community, or the Association; or any member of the Club who has maintained an Active Membership for fifteen (15) or more years, is at least seventy (70) years of age or any member of a Club who is critically ill. A member is granted Life Membership in the Club upon:


1.        Recommendation by the Club to the Association;

2.        Payment to the Association of $300 by the Club in lieu of all future dues to the Association, and

3.        Approval by the International Board of Directors.


A Life Member shall have all of the privileges of Active Membership so long as he or she fulfills all obligations thereof.  Nothing prevents a Club from charging a Life Member such dues as it deems proper.

Member at Large

A member of the Club who has moved from the community, or who because of health or legitimate reason, is unable to regularly attend club meetings and desires to retain membership in the Club and upon whom the Board of Directors of the Club desires to confer this status.  The Board of Directors shall review this status every six (6) months.  A Member at Large shall not be eligible to hold office or vote in District or International meetings or conventions.



A member of the Club who has been a Lion for fifteen (15) or more years, who because of illness, advanced age, or other legitimate reason, as determined by the Board of Directors, must relinquish Active Member status.  He or she shall have the right to vote and be entitled to all other privileges of membership except the right to hold Club, District or International office.



An individual not a member of the Club, upon whom the Club desires to confer special distinction.  The Club shall pay entrance fees and International and District dues on such members, who may attend meetings but shall not be entitled to any privileges of Active Membership.

Affiliate Member

A quality member who is not able to fully participate as an Active Member of the Club but desires to support the Club and its community service and be affiliated with the Club.  This may be conferred by the Board of Directors.  An Affiliate Member may be eligible to vote on Club matters, but not represent the Club as a delegate at District, Multiple District or International Conventions.  He/she may not hold any Club or District office and must pay such dues as the Club may charge.


Associate Member

Associate Membership is available to members holding Active Membership in one Lions Club but by virtue of maintaining a residence or employment in another community, have an interest in becoming associated with another Lions Club.  The status is conferred by invitation of the Board of Directors.  The conferring Board is obligated to review the Associate Member status annually.  International and District dues are not assessed on the Associate Member, but are assessed by the Club as it deems appropriate.  The conferring Club does not report an Associate Member on its Monthly Membership Report (MMR).  The Associate Member would not be eligible to hold any office but may be eligible to vote on local club matters when present.


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