The Walpole Lions are a group of service-minded men and women who are interested in improving our community. We are young people, baby boomers and retirees alike. To become a Lion is to become an active volunteer, a member of a respected international organization, and a friend to people in need.


Many of you are familiar with the fundraisers we hold on an annual basis - Adams Farm Field Day, Beer & Wine Tasting, Golf Tournament and Pancake Breakfast.  In addition, we donate our time at Walpole Day, the Night Before the 4th Celebration (our Fried Dough tent) and a Thanksgiving Dinner and a Spaghetti Dinner at different points in the year for the Seniors in out town.  


We are always looking for new members willing to share their time, ideas and helping hands.  For those of you who may be interested in joining this great organization, below is an overview of what Lions Club membership might entail.  


Walpole Club

The Walpole Lions Club currently stands at 36 members.  We are Walpole residents and/or business owners who are committed to making a difference in our community.  We raise funds throughout the year to benefit Walpole individuals, sports/activity booster clubs and town sponsored causes (ex.:  Night Before the 4th, Turco Field, Adams Farm pavilion).  Over 75% of all funds we raise are donated back to the Walpole community!!   Over the past 5 years this has translated to over $60,000 in donations to Walpole residents, causes and organizations!!!  In addition, we also donate to regional and national organizations to further the Lions primary cause of eye research and the betterment of visually impaired individuals. 



The Lionistic Year runs from September to June.  During this time we meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.  Meetings currently take place at 7:30pm at Finnegan's Wake in Walpole.  The first meeting of each month is a social dinner meeting designed to catch up with friends and discuss upcoming events.  The second meeting is our business meeting where we consider requests made of the club from individuals, local and national organizations.  There is no requirement to make any meetings if you are not able to though being involved in this aspect of membership will give you a much better understanding of the club.


Time Commitment 

With over a dozen events a year, there are certainly many opportunities to help the club.  There are no minimum service hour requirements ever asked of any Lion.  Your level of commitment is that which works best for you.  Whether you are interested in helping run certain events or helping whenever and wherever you can the choice is yours. 



The Walpole Lions club is a member of Lions Clubs International, a worldwide service organization of 45,000 clubs and 1.35 million members make it the world's largest service club organization.  The Lions clubs are strictly a service organization.  We are not affiliated with any religious or business related organizations.  While Eyesight has been a primary focus of the Lions for many years, the focus is now on being a helping hand in any way possible to those in need.


For more information about Lions Clubs, please check the website:  http:\\



Annual dues are $125 per member.  This covers the cost of the Lions Clubs International's organization, club administrative expenses and member recognition (club outings, club apparel, etc.) expenses.  If you wish to prepay for your social meeting dinners as many members do, the cost is $275 per member.  Many businesses will pay the annual dues of their employee memberships to the Lions.

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